when to add a process [and plug for Erlang Workshop]

Bjarne Däcker <>
Wed Sep 29 20:29:11 CEST 2004

Some phots from the workshop can be seen here



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Subject: when to add a process [and plug for Erlang Workshop]

> This is a note to indicate how much I enjoyed the Erlang Workshop at
> Snowbird last week. It was great to meet Erlang experts, learn of new
> developments, and exchange ideas.
> Just a few examples: HiPE on AMD64, Joe's EX11 GUI, a demo of the
> Dialyzer catching errors in Erlang code, and the SSH2 protocol in
> Erlang.
> Jay Nelson's talk, "Structured Programming Using Processes", made me
> wonder - when is it a good idea to create a new Erlang process?
> Here are a couple cases:
> 1. Tracking state - any state machine, whether coded with the OTP
> behavior or not. Protocol drivers are classic examples. Another
> example is tracking which of several external redundant resources is
> to be used in a high availability setting. (Of course everything is an
> fsm at some level, but there is a practical principle here as well.)
> 2. Serializing access to a resource.
> 3. Monitoring an external Unix process (Erlang port).

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