when to add a process [and plug for Erlang Workshop]

James Hague <>
Wed Sep 29 18:29:25 CEST 2004

>Jay Nelson's talk, "Structured Programming
>Using Processes", made me wonder - when is
>it a good idea to create a new Erlang process?
>Here are a couple cases:

4. Recovering from errors - when it is possible for a sub-part of the
overall program to fail and not take down the entire system.  If there's one
process per window in a GUI-driven application, then a bug can only take
down one window, not all of them (provided that the error handling is done
correctly!).  Or in a video game a bug in the logic for one creature would
at worst "crash" that creature, but the entire game doesn't have to crash.
During development, there's benefit in being able to at least partially run
unstable applications.

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