ASN.1 Parameterized Types... pls help

Casper <>
Wed Sep 29 14:07:45 CEST 2004

Hi All,


I'm finding difficult in absorbing "How to use ASN.1 TCAPMessage to
transport GSM MAP". The problem is how to generate TCAP Begin, Continue,
End, etc messages.


I read about the ASN.1 Parameterized Type, but still I could find the match
of ASN.1 specs for MAP and TCAP. I thought below might be the way, but still
that gives some compilation errors.


mapSpecificAS ABSTRACT-SYNTAX ::= {


  IDENTIFIED BY  gsm-MessagingId



MapSpecificPDUs ::=

  TCMessage{{ MAPOperations-Invokable}, { MAPOperations-Returnable}}



MAPOperations-Invokable OPERATION ::= 

      {sendRoutingInfoForSM | mo-ForwardSM | mt-ForwardSM} 

MAPOperations-Returnable OPERATION ::= 

      {reportSM-DeliveryStatus | alertServiceCentre | informServiceCentre |


The error is as below (Erlang ASN.1 compiler),







For your information, I have attached TCAPMessages.asn and


I appreciate if anybody out there can give me some clue to solve this


Thanks in advance!


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