[ASN1] ASN Tcap question

Kenneth Lundin <>
Thu Sep 23 10:21:27 CEST 2004

The ASN.1 module TCAPMessages.asn that you provided does only contain
definitions of Parameterized Types
for what you are interested in. The Parameterized Type vital to your
question is TCMessage which must be instantiated
in order to get any useful encode/decode functions generated. You must find
another standard asn1 module which
imports from TCAPMessages and instantiates TCMessage of you have to create a
module of your own which performs the
instantiation (but there should be some standard module).

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  Dear folks,

  I compiled TCAPMessage.asn file from ITU-T using Erlang asn1 compiler. It
successfully compiled and generated the required files (which I have
attached). But I cannot see the encoding/decoding methods for TCMessage,
Unidirectional, Begin, End, Continue objects. But there're methods for Abort
object. I wonder if this is a problem with the asn1 compiler or I am missing
something. Please help.

  The only difference I see between Begin and Abort specification is Begin
is using Information Objects as below

              Begin{OPERATION:Invokable, OPERATION:Returnable} ..

  Where as abort is not.

  Also when I compare 3gpp MAP asn.1 spec and ITU-T Tcap asn.1 specs, they
use Information Objects in 2 different ways.

  3GPP -> purgeMS  OPERATION ::=
{                                          --Timer m





                                      -- optional


                          dataMissing |



              CODE   local:67 }

  ITU-T -> Begin{OPERATION:Invokable, OPERATION:Returnable} ::= SEQUENCE {

    otid             OrigTransactionID,

    dialoguePortion  DialoguePortion OPTIONAL,

    components       ComponentPortion{{Invokable}, {Returnable}} OPTIONAL


  Please advice me what am I missing here. How can I encode a TCAP Begin

  Thanks in advance.

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