User conference price?

Matthias Lang <>
Wed Sep 22 17:32:37 CEST 2004

Robert Raschke writes:

 > I am considering attending the Erlang User Conference in October.
 > Since I have to fund this privately, I'd like to know how much you are
 > expecting to charge for attending.  Also, any information about
 > reasonable accomodation would be very helpful.

Bjarne will probably post information about this soon, when he sends
out the general invitation. In the meantime, if I recall correctly,
the conference fee in previous years was less than 500kr (about 55
Euro). (Three years ago, it was about 1000kr, but that included a
fancy dinner and boat tour of the inner archipelago).

Last year, there was some discussion on the mailing list about
accomodation. The default is the Älvsjö hotel, in past years there
were some rooms reserved there for the conference. Älvsjö is not
exactly a tourist destination, but it's a five minute walk from the

A cheaper option is "Hotel Formule 1", which is a 10 minute bus ride
away. They have rooms for about 35 Euro.

Another option which someone (?) mentioned was Hotell Bema in
town. Probably costs twice as much, but a nicer place to stay,
especially if you're here for a day or two before or after the

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