Question about erlang shell

Taavi Talvik <>
Mon Sep 13 16:46:01 CEST 2004

Hello !

I have different versions of erlang runtime system on different machines.
However, this introduces fiew difficulties for build system. Currently I
am using simple gnu makefiles and don't want to introduce

Makefile contains lines:
ERL_FLAGS       = -I/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/snmp-3.4.8/include

but on the other system, it should be
ERL_FLAGS       = -I/usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/snmp-3.4/include

I can almost find out required information:

	# echo 'io:format("~s", [code:lib_dir(snmp)]).' | erl -run init stop
	Eshell V5.3  (abort with ^G)
	1> /usr/local/lib/erlang/lib/snmp-3.4ok
	2> ** Terminating erlang () **

Are there any tricks to get result without output from Erlang shell?

best regards,

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