test_server question - coverage data from remote node?

Reto Kramer <>
Sat Sep 11 08:06:23 CEST 2004

I'm a happy new user of the OTP test_server! Thanks for making this  
available.  Getting detailed coverage information works for simple test  
cases that run on the node that runs the test_server.

I've now moved on to start multiple nodes that run my distributed  
application and left the test_server node to run the client side of my  
tests, querying the started remote nodes (started with  
test_server:start_node/3).  The remote nodes start fine and the client  
node sees the expected test results.

However, my coverage report is now empty, whereas previously it worked  
fantastically and was a breeze to setup.

I realize that there's support for distributed coverage data gathering  
in OTP itself.

Can anyone help me understand how to gather coverage data on the remote  
nodes in the context of the OTP *test_server*?  Is there any additional  
documentation I can consult?

What are the magic incantations to capture and ship the coverage data  
from the started remote nodes (started with test_server/start_node/3)  
to the test_server node and how do I merge that data with the  
test_server node coverage data for the test server result report?

- Reto

I start my test suite with:

   $ erl -pa ../ebin -s ts run all_tests verbose cover_details -s erlang  

and in my test suite erlang file, I spawn the remote nodes with:

     ?line {ok, } = ?t:start_node(test_a, slave,
		    "-pa /Users/reto/sdev/discover/src/discover-1.0/ebin"}]),

Copying the cmd line part that I cut and paste from the startserver  
(using the verbose option) into the {args, ...} tuple does not help  
either ( -boot start_sasl -sasl errlog_type error -s test_server_ctrl  
run_test SPEC current.spec NAME discover COVER discover  
discover.cover details).

All my nodes run on the same filesystem at the moment to simplify  


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