Position avaliable

Torbjörn Törnkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Fri Mar 26 10:28:17 CET 2004


I'm just forwarding this message from my manager.


I know that this mailing list is supposed to cover technical
questions regarding Erlang but in an attempt to reach the 
right target group I could not find another channel.

We (the former Bluetail team) has got a position as quality assurance
(test engineer) for our products open and this position can be filled 
as soon as possible. 

I do not want to (ab)use this list too much so any person that
would like to know more about what this means and what products
we develop etc are most welcome to contact me off the list.

My mailadress is tlarsson@REDACTED

Best regards, 
Tord Larsson, Alteon Web Systems AB (Nortel Networks)

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