Erlang Radius server?

Sean Hinde sean.hinde@REDACTED
Thu Mar 25 10:49:23 CET 2004

On 25 Mar 2004, at 08:16, Torbjörn Törnkvist wrote:

> Edmund Dengler wrote:
>> Howdy all!
>> After having loads of fun dealing with FreeRadius/OpenRadius, I 
>> thought
>> that there must be a better way of doing this type of work. So I got 
>> to
>> wondering, has anybody looked at doing an Erlang Radius server? Not 
>> sure
>> of the performance issues, but I think fundamentally there is nothing 
>> that
>> should stop this (other than integration issues with LDAP and such). 
>> I had
>> a quick look at jungerl and the Erlang projects page, but nothing 
>> appears.
>> Regards!
>> Ed
> As Ulf already pointed out: you'll find eradius in the jungerl CVS.
> However, it doesn't implement a Radius server (yet...), only the
> client part.
> So feel free to add a Radius server to it

I just got round to looking at eradius and it looks very nice indeed. 
We have a RADIUS server, but I would describe it as a 1 week job - very 
targetted minimal implementation.

eradius has all the nice dictionary framework, packet encoding etc to 
build a nice generic server so looks to me an excellent starting point 
- most of the hard work has been done.


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