btt (Bluetail Ticket Tracker)

Torbjörn Törnkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Wed Mar 17 09:08:05 CET 2004

Shawn Pearce wrote:

>I'm looking for a bug database to maintain my own work items in the
>computer rather than on a scrap of paper.  I found this comment about
>BTT that I thought I would share:
>	BTT looks to be a fairly complete tracking system, but uses a
>	language and database that no one has ever heard of. It may be a
>	worth looking at, as the people who did it seem to know what
>	they are doing, but good luck trying to convince anyone except a
>	weirdo CompSci person to try to maintain it.
Ha ha....that was funny :-)

>	Source:
>Apparently it helps to have developers who write in a language and
>database nobody has ever heard of, and that only a weirdo CompSci person
>would maintain it - because they think BTT might actually do something
>good.  :-)
>Given I'm managing work items on erlang projects, BTT might be a good
>fit for me... gotta look at it some more.

Just let me know if there are any problems.

Cheers, Tobbe

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