SCCS what tags in .beam files?

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Tue Mar 16 09:12:58 CET 2004

Shawn Pearce <spearce@REDACTED> writes:

> So has anyone had good luck with putting SCCS what tags into the vsn
> attribute of a module, and not getting garbage back?  I'm doing it and
> getting some extra crap thrown in by the beam file format.
> This is actually not typical SCCS, but is BitKeeper and its %Z%%K% tags:
> 	-vsn("%Z%K%").
>  expands to:
> 	-vsn("@(#)spearce@REDACTED|src/w32hook.erl|20040316035503|25088").

Seems BitKeeper doesn't have an "end" tag? (I don't know anything
about it, but e.g. RCS has it's tag surrounded by $Id ... $). Maybe BK
expects null terminated strings, how about:




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