OSS (was Re: Stand Alone Erlang)

Michael C Williams <>
Mon Mar 15 18:45:56 CET 2004

> So, the COMMERCIAL bit here, well some lame corps release code as open source
> just because they thing it's in their COMMERCIAL interest. That doesn't
> apply to the vast majority of open source code though. Most of it is
> released by feverish individuals with various murky agendas, such as
> "destroy Microsoft" or "earn reputation as hacker" or whatnot.

The block wot wrote this letter was from some company and his
boss didn't let him release the SW. He asked for advice and
I suggested the MONEY line of argument. Of course there are
a lot of people (not usual in large companies) who release
SW for the highly compendable reasons that you quote.

> Then there are a number of largish corporations, such as /// and
> Nortel that only go where the money is. However, within these
> corporations thare are decent individuals that "do the right thing"

I though that these decent individuals gave up and left the
company to take their chance at starting up a small company
with venture capital with the hope of being bought up by
a large company like Alteon/Nortel?

> Remember, it's easier to get forgivness than to get permission. So
> don't ask for permission, just release it. I did (Yaws)

I guess that releasing yaws would not be approved of by your

> As if you know, you don't. What goes on in the heads of the suits
> is as inpredictable as the stockmarket. Q.E.D.

No, it is entirely predictable for 95% of the suites - their own
carreer and fortune comes before everthing including their
families. It is the other 5% who throw us into total confusion.
(In Ericsson it is more like 10% of totally unpredictable people.
Remember Jorma, Jan Uddenfeldt and Jaak?)

> > This communication is confidential and intended solely for the addressee(s).
> And this is not, I hereby, freely allow anyone who reads this to
> rephrase it and resend it as they please.

It isn't my fault that the IT people here add on totally wacko
attachments to me e-mails. I have already told them they have
a hole in the head but it didn't help.


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