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Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Sun Mar 14 23:17:20 CET 2004

Sean Hinde writes:

 > I wonder if it would be possible to make the raw mbox files available 
 > for download for each month like many other lists do - mail clients do 
 > make excellent local search engines.

Why not just make your own mbox files from the WWW archives?

  1. Use "wget" to fetch a directory full of the archive. For example
     to do last month:

       wget -r -l 2

  2. Convert the HTML messages into more or less normal mail. I've 
     attached a program to do that. For one message, you'd do this:


     Converting all the messages in a directory is left as an exercise.

  3. Assemble the mbox files, e.g.

        cat *.mbox > mbox.200403


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