Problem installing Yaws was: Re: Problem installing Erlang on Gentoo

Stefan Nickl snickl@REDACTED
Fri Mar 12 13:04:12 CET 2004

On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Jimmie Houchin wrote:

> It is working. Glad is was so simple to solve.
> Now to the next problem. It creates problems with Yaws.
> I get this error with Yaws due to this issue.
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
> checking host system type... Invalid configuration
> `x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu': machine `x86_64-unknown' not recognized

Hm, I'm not an autoconf/automake guru, but the problem seems
to be that the config.sub (which does platform detection)
which comes with yaws (I'm looking at cvs here) does not know
about x86_64.

What I find a bit strange is that even the config.sub in
my /usr/share/automake-1.4 mentions x86_64...

Maybe it helps to do something like
cp /usr/share/automake-1.8/config.sub <yaws-dir>
./configure && make


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