OSS (was Re: Stand Alone Erlang)

Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Fri Mar 12 09:18:30 CET 2004

Hi Hal,

I suspected someone would pick up on the SIP protocol load tester just
after I pressed send. I originally wished to release this under a BSD
style licence, but we're in talks with investors and it was deemed a bad
time to release our "intellectual property" at such a sensitive time.

It's a pity, I would have liked it to be my contribution to open-source,
and initially management was warming to the idea, bless them. Heaven
knows how much OSS has helped me achieve so much! And having an outside
opinion on what I've done so far would have helped too.

Perhaps I might kick off the issue of OSS on erlang-questions. How does
one convince the non-technical bean counters that using and _providing_
OSS is of commercial benefit? And that opening source code may generate
goodwill (something that SCO Group is suffering a severe lack thereof!)
leading to sales.

But hey! I'm a naive soft-hearted programmer who knows nothing about the
hard tooth-and-nail world of commerce!

Maybe geeks and suits will never really understand each other...


P.s. However, if what we're doing interests you as a customer, Hal,
please visit http://www.newport-networks.com/ and we can discuss this at
a commercial level :-)

On Thu, 11 Mar 2004 08:40:58 -0600
Hal Snyder <hal@REDACTED> wrote:

> Sounds interesting. Are outside collaboraters allowed?

"The Tao of Programming
 flows far away 
 and returns 
 on the wind of morning."

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