ok or true? (fwd)

Thu Mar 4 16:09:30 CET 2004

Bengt Kleberg wrote:

> this depends upon _which_ standard libraries one uses :-)
> i recommend the package_libs(.tar.gz) bundle from ''richardc''.
> it has better functions, more consistent names and is built with the 
> following conventions:
> ''    Return values in general
>         - A function should *not* return wrapped values like
>           {ok,Value}/{error,Reason} to indicate success or
>           failure. The assumed behaviour should be success,
>           and failures should be signalled by exceptions,
>           as described below.
>         - A function which is evaluated for its side effects
>           only should always return the atom 'ok'; this is
>           the typical Erlang "void" value.
> ''

Hey, that's exactly the convention I use, and often wish the
standard libraries had been done that way...

So where is this package_libs from ''richardc'' available from?

Dominic Williams


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