Mnesia schema transaction

Rudolph van Graan rvg@REDACTED
Thu Mar 4 12:50:55 CET 2004

Hi all,

Previously Ulf Wiger posted about 
mnesia_schema:schema_transaction(fun() -> ...)

This function is exported and usuable, however inside mnesia_schema, I 
found this code:

create_table(TabDef) ->
     schema_transaction(fun() -> do_multi_create_table(TabDef) end).

Now, if I do create_table inside a schema_transaction, it aborts with 
"nested transaction" - obviously because the above call already runs it 
as a transaction. Now, there seems to be no other create_table function 
that I can use to achieve transactions here that I could find. Is it 
really necessary to update mnesia's code to get create_table to run 
inside a transaction or am I again missing the obvious?

Thank you in advance,

Rudolph van Graan
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