file: module and character special files

Tue Mar 2 11:03:36 CET 2004

On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 05:15:39PM +0100, Patrik Nyblom wrote:

> Someone decided, a long time ago, that EISDIR was a good return value 
> here, when something
> on the line of "this is not a regular file" would have been better. That 
> may have been a bad choise.
> However, changing return values isn't all that popular among people 
> having miljons of lines of code
> slushing around in systems supposed to have an ISP of 99.999 or better. 


Patrik, assume you're the SW lead for such a software project and have:

1. Requirements to have all thooose nine's in the uptime stats.
2. Programmers that write code that rely on the above bug: such as
   for example:

open_dev(F) ->
    case file:open(F, read) of
       {ok, Fd} ->
	{error, eisdir} ->
	    %% Ahhhh, it's gotta be /dev/null or somesuch
	{error, Reason} ->
	    {error, Reason}

Well then, your're most certainly going to loose out
on all thooooose nines anyway. 

I'd recommend promoting the programmer to more
managerial types of tasks where the damage done is better


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