Dominic Williams <>
Fri Jun 25 01:43:14 CEST 2004

Le 23 juin 04, à 17:05, Eric Newhuis a écrit :

> Microsoft Research just announced this.
> No they didn't.  I toy with you.
> But what if that existed?  What would the implications be?

I had my first day (out of 2) .NET training today, and was bored enough 
that I spent most of the time thinking about exactly that question!

My feeling from such a superficial introduction is that the CLR (common 
language runtime) is far too close to the traditional object-oriented 
view of things for it to be easy to fit Erlang into that mould. By the 
way, Eiffel, my favourite language before I discovered Erlang, went 
this route and lost its soul (although it was much less of a stretch 
for Eiffel than it would be for Erlang). Time will tell whether ISE 
will gain any market shares by this move. I sometimes think there is 
more, strategically, to be said for staying very different that from 
trying to blend with the mainstream...

On the other hand, it would be easy to write a gen_ws, which would 
automatically wrap a gen_server and make it into a web service, and 
vice-versa (make a web service available to erlang processes via Erlang 

But it's hard to get excited about the idea...

Dominic Williams

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