slimmed down make install (no sources)

David N. Welton <>
Wed Jul 28 17:31:04 CEST 2004

I'm building Erlang for a slimmed down system, and it occurred to me 
that it might be nice if Erlang were to provide the option of not 
installing everything including sources and examples.

Something along these lines:

release_spec: opt

release_spec_extra: release_spec
	$(INSTALL_DATA) $(ERL_FILES) erl_parse.yrl $(RELSYSDIR)/src

with everything else modified accordingly.  Or would that be too much 
work and I'm the only one who would find it convenient?  Right now I 
have a shell script that erases all that extra stuff, but it seemed 
tidier to perform this operation in the install, maybe even making the 
installation of the sources/examples an extra step (make install_sources?).

David N. Welton

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