david wallin david.wallin@REDACTED
Mon Feb 23 18:27:29 CET 2004

Hi all,

I decided to give fprof another go with R9C-0. This is basically how I 
use fprof:


<start my_stuff>

fprof:analyse([{dest, []}, {cols, 120}]).

After 'my_stuff' finished, fprof started to read the trace data. After 
a few minutes and several dots later, fprof outputs:

"End of erroneous trace!
Processing data...
Creating output..."

The output contains this line :

[{ totals,                                                            
20233,         3083.989,        26183.286}].

How can OWN be so much larger than ACC? Is this because the trace file 
is erroneous, if so, am I using fprof in the wrong way ? How do I go 
about to get a correct trace?



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