gen_tcp:send failing silently

fgonthier@REDACTED fgonthier@REDACTED
Mon Feb 23 01:36:58 CET 2004

Hi all,

	This weekend, I enjoy some recreational programming with Erlang.  I've
decided to make a "proof-of-Erlang-goodness" IRC bot to show someone.

	It's been months since I wrote my last Erlang code and my lack of
experience is showing:

connection_handle_data(Socket, [Data | R]) ->
    % Handles PING
    case regexp:match(Data, "PING :[0-9].*") of
	{match, _, _} ->
	    Ping_String = string:substring(Data, 6, 16),
	    ok = gen_tcp:send(Socket, io_lib:format("PONG ~s~n", [Ping_String])),
	    io:fwrite("BLARG", []);
	nomatch ->
    factron_translator ! {incoming, Data},
    connection_handle_data(Socket, R);
connection_handle_data(Socket, []) ->

	This function is supposed to handle the PING message but the process
silently terminates after gen_tcp:send.  "BLARG" is never displayed.  I've
tried all I knew to try to get a clue on the failure, I'm probably missing
some debugging techniques.

	Also, why is that when I write, for example, io:fwrite() in a process, I
get a compiler warning, but absolutely no runtime error?  The process just
seem to go *ZAP* and die :(


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