Advantages of a large number of threads cf other approaches?

Shawn Pearce spearce@REDACTED
Tue Feb 17 15:07:37 CET 2004

Yes, it is.  Its now driving me mad.  I have to go to my day job now
where I'll be writing Java code, and I'm not happy about that.... but
its better than the Windows serial port APIs!

Maybe drugs will help me to get the code right... after all, the folks
who designed and implemented these APIs in Windows must have been on
drugs too when they did this!

I'd be on 100% UNIX (Linux) in a heartbeat if I could.  Unfortuantely,
I think some nodes will need serial port IO on Windows.  :-(

At least the Linux developers don't work when their high on crack!

Vlad Dumitrescu <vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED> wrote:
> From: "Shawn Pearce" <spearce@REDACTED>
> > I'm wodering how I can go back to my day job tomorrow after a week of
> > vacation and several days of Erlang hacking.  I write Java for a
> > living.  :-(
> Well, it's going to be difficult :-) I know, I am going through it myself. What
> keeps me going is thinking how simple it would be to rewrite the whole system in
> Erlang.
> I also thought about trying some heavy sedation, but since I am driving from and
> to home, it's not a good idea :-P


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