Advantages of a large number of threads cf other approaches?

Joachim Durchholz joachim.durchholz@REDACTED
Tue Feb 17 12:36:45 CET 2004

Joe Armstrong wrote:

> Interestingly  Erlang  and  Apache  perform equally  when  both  are 
> unloaded  - this is  hardly surprising  since the  heavy stuff  in
> the Erlang I/O  routines is  all written  in C and  the programs  are
> "BIF bound" -  but under conditions  of massive overload  the story
> is very different.
> To see how things shape up under massive overload see:
> In this  experiment Apache crashed when  subject to a  load of about 
> 4000  parallel sessions  - the  Erlang web  server (yaws)  was
> happily ticking along at 80,000 parallel sessions.

That's interesting.

Joe, would you or Ali be interested in running the same test with a
Linux 2.6 kernel? They implemented an O(1) scheduler there, and it would
help to determine whether Apache's crash is due to OS process issues or
due to Apache.

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