Pattern matching vs. ETS lookups

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Tue Feb 17 09:30:43 CET 2004

}  With only 3000 random entries:
}  list                   14647,  221.448,   814.819
}  gb_trees               14648,  154.442,   551.877
}  ets                    14648,  155.908,   558.271

For completeness I made a function clause version of the server
with 3000 clauses:

clauses                   14663,  324.492,  1143.447

I tried to make a clauses version of the 65K test however
it's been compiling for over an hour now so I think we can
conclude that that model isn't workable.

One thing I noticed during this testing was that the gb_trees
and tuples versions of State cause some problems with error
logging.  It seems that while lists are throttled and replaced
with a tail of ... tuples are not.  When there was a crash
we got 65 thousand lines in the error report.  In a way this
is an advantage over the ets version as we have all the state
data avilable in a crash to portmortem.  We don't really want
all that printed to stdio though.


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