Erlang distribution through firewalls

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Sat Feb 14 19:11:32 CET 2004

I had asked the question of how to achieve distribution 
when only port 22 (SSH) is available between the two
systems.  When you have a target node running behind a
firewall where you are only given incoming SSH access
to it.

Answering my own question to document the solution for
others searching in the future the solution to the problem
is PPP over SSH.  You use the remote shell feature of SSH
to run pppd at the target node and create a virtual direct
connection between the two machines.

pppd pty ssh otpuser@REDACTED 'pppd notty'

Then change your /etc/hosts entry for the machine target 
to be  You must also configure /etc/ppp/options
at both ends to add noauth.


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