A problem with records...

Bengt Kleberg bengt.kleberg@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 17:21:17 CET 2004

Gordon Guthrie, BTP, BT, SE wrote:

>I'm having a strange problem - which might be trivial stupidity on my part
>I have defined a record as so:
>-record(sms_message_out, {phonenumber, message}).
>I try and create an instance of it with this line of code:
>write_sms_message(PhoneNo, Message) ->
>       Message = #sms_message_out{phonenumber = PhoneNo, message = Message},
>% Bombs out here!
>       (...)
>and I get this message:
>ERROR erlang  code  crashed:
> File: appmod:0
>Reason: {{badmatch,{sms_message_out,"234567","esdfgjmn"}},

you are using ''Message'' twice. both as the value for the message 
field, and as the variable holding the record.
erlang is single assignment.


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