Problems with erl_interface/ei in R9C?

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Fri Feb 13 16:34:17 CET 2004

Kent Boortz <kent@REDACTED> writes:

> We separated the header files for the 'erl_interface' and 'ei' API
> from the header files internal to erl_interface/ei in R9C. The main
> base for this separation was the manual, i.e. the documented include
> files, functions and symbols was considered the API.
> For different reasons (for example missing documentation and the use
> of undocumented functions in code examples) header files, functions
> and symbols not documented seem to be in use making erl_interface/ei
> in R9C incompatible with earlier versions for some users.
> If you have problems upgrading from using erl_interface/ei in R9B or
> earlier to R9C because of this, please let me know and we will try to
> solve these problems in R9C-1.
> All *known* bugs in erl_interface/ei are solved (except the bad
> documentation and rpc not responding to ticks). If you know about
> a bug in R9C erl_interface/ei not listed below, please let me know,

Please (if not already done):

1. Remove both instances of
     self->num = fd;
   in ei_connect.c so it is possible to use process id for transaction
   id to avoid the 6 + 1 = 4 scenario presented at EUC.

   Anyone wishing to preserve the old behavior can still set the value
   in their own code before calling ei, although I haven't thought of
   a reason to do so.

2. Also fix the select statement in ei_connect.c.

A patch against R9C-0 showing both suggestions is here


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