Embedded System with Yaws on Windows

Rudolph van Graan rvg@REDACTED
Thu Feb 12 07:32:44 CET 2004


> ve been reviewing the code and searching the Yaws and Erlang list 
> archives, looking/hoping for a solution short of the "surgery" that 
> you mention. So far, the answer (if there is one) eludes me. But I'm 
> not the brightest guy in the world... Hopefully someone in the group 
> can help us. If not, I'll attempt to develop and post a "Cygwin Free" 
> patch. I'm sure that we're not the only ones who desire this 
> capability.

Put it this way, I've managed to almost de-cygwin yaws last night, but 
maybe Klacke can tell us what we really need to do, or can do, to make 
yaws work? What specifically does yaws use the setuid driver for? Is it 
only for the case where one would install yaws as root and then change 
the uid to something else? Maybe I can make some quick windows 
equivalent that changes the user of yaws to something less dangerous 
than system or administrator? If one only wraps the getuid calls in a 
catch, the system can continue starting without a crash.

Alternatively, one can simply run the erlang vm from the start as a 
locked down user and not worry about this in code.

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