Embedded System with Yaws on Windows

Rudolph van Graan rvg@REDACTED
Wed Feb 11 22:27:23 CET 2004

Hi again all!

I've been trying to convince yaws to run on windows with an embedded 
erlang system and several issues came up... Hope you can help me out 
here as always...

1. I don't want to install OTP and Cygwin on a client's machine, only 
my "embedded" application, that consists of an erlang distribution 
built with "target_system". How do I make yaws run, without major 
surgery to yaws.erl and yaws_config.erl to remove references to the 
setuid and getuid driver? How would one usually go about running yaws 
without cygwin?

2. Can someone give me some pointers on how to use the start_erl.exe 
program in OTP? I've read the man pages and I understand the different 
parameters, but I just can't get it to run with a command line similar 
to this:

start_erl  -boot start.boot +++ -reldir c:\erlang\releases

I don't think I need any ".data" files do I?

3. Is there a Windows version of "target_system.erl" that builds me a 
single zip file from .rel and .app files? The linux one works well, but 
I don't think it'll be suitable for windows, as it copies the linux vm 
and knows not about windows erts? I think I can just copy all the \bin 
stuff [erl.exe, beam.dll, etc etc] and the tweak start_erl to use my 
.boot file and the linux version of my /lib, i.e. the one made with 
target system?

Does anyone have some almost foolproof set of instructions on how to 
make a windows system as I need? I've briefly looked at SAE, but the 
documentation seems to suggest it is not yet working for windows. I 
don't think I want an SAE version though, standard one is ok - such as 
the one built by target_system.

Rudolph van Graan
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