erlang:no_suspend in R9C failing?

Shawn Pearce spearce@REDACTED
Tue Feb 10 05:03:28 CET 2004

Can anyone explain this one?

(master@REDACTED)73> timer:tc(erlang, send_nosuspend, [{foo, 'askdfj@REDACTED'},foo]).

I should point out that the hostname 'htpc' is valid in DNS, and does
in fact resolve to an IP address.  The host is physically turned off,
so will not respond to messages sent to that IP address.

My question is, first, why does send_nosuspend suspend the caller, and
second, why did it return true, even though the message was never sent?

Is it because send_nosuspend suspends to make a connection (which
doesn't make sense), and when failing, returns true because there is
no buffer associated with the connection, and thus the buffer cannot
be full?


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