ODBC and OpenBSD (update)

Edmund Dengler edmundd@REDACTED
Sat Feb 7 23:48:57 CET 2004

Hi all!

I turned on core dumping, and indeed odbcserver was dumping core. I
fetched and compiled psqlODBC (version 7.3.2) and added this to the
unixODBC install. With this, I was able to connect to the database, as
long as I specified [{scrollable_cursors,off}].

Interesing, whether I used the supplied unixODBC Postgresql driver, or the
psqlODBC Driver, I was able to connect and manipulate the database using
both <isql>, and doing stuff from a test C executable.

I would still like to try and solve what the real issue is, so if anybody
has any experience or ideas, please pass them on.


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