Using erlang as script language

Héctor Rivas Gándara keymon@REDACTED
Thu Dec 30 12:42:48 CET 2004

El Martes, 28 de Diciembre de 2004 23:03, Marc van Woerkom escribió:

> >And how can the UI widgets be controlled? they are
> >usually designed to be
> >accessed by imperative OO languages.

> Most of the js code I saw before was pretty short, playing
> only minor helper roles for accessing the browser objects
> (which are exposed as js classes).

> Again the big thing is, that one talks to the browser
> plattform (Mozilla) via the js objects, using their
> methods and state.

The problem is the access to browser objects, that are designed to be used 
with OO languages. Using the model proposed Taavi Talvik with create_object, 
set_attribute, etc... I think that makes a more complex and "hard to write" 

> The style is not so much imperative, as event based.
> Which should translate quite nice into the message 
> mechanism of Erlang, or?

Yes, that's true. Really functional model is ideal for event based code. Two 
posible solutions: use Erlang functions as event handlers or send messages 
when an event occurs. 

About this: Is there any document or references about the use of erlang as 
embedded language? Any experience about this?


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