Using erlang as script language

Marc van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Tue Dec 28 23:03:57 CET 2004

>And how can the UI widgets be controlled? they are 
>usually designed to be 
>accessed by imperative OO languages. 

At my company a team using xul/javascript has beaten all 
other internal competitors for rapid development of in 
house applications.  
It is really impressing, how fast one can develop stuff 
for commercial domain usage (simple gui, database access).

On the other hand, they push java script to its limits. 
Most of the js code I saw before was pretty short, playing 
only minor helper roles for accessing the browser objects 
(which are exposed as js classes).

The style is not so much imperative, as event based.
Which should translate quite nice into the message 
mechanism of Erlang, or?

Again the big thing is, that one talks to the browser 
plattform (Mozilla) via the js objects, using their 
methods and state.


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