unknown_catch_try_state under R10B-2

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Tue Dec 28 08:10:40 CET 2004


I get the same error (with the same configuration), yet I don't understand why
this error is platform-dependent...

The error is inside internally generaed code for checking that State is a state
record. You can compile with an 'E' as argument to see that internal code, and
with an 'S' to see the beam assembly code. Might be interesting.

The reported line is the second State#state{foo=bar}, but the funny thing is
that commenting out _any_ of the two such lines makes the error message

I'm afraid I'm not being very helpful, but the compiler is still somewhat of a
black art for me :-) A better error message (when debugging in beam_validator is
    c:/cygwin/home/vlad/foomod.erl:none: internal error in beam_validator;
    crash reason: {{case_clause,{'EXIT',unknown_catch_try_state}},

About the use of a capital letter in the reported file name, my guess is that
the Windows file name is capitalized: make:all() shows the real file name. If
compiling with c(), a lower-case only name is showed.


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