Broken debian package ?

Matthias Lang matthias@REDACTED
Thu Dec 9 13:56:15 CET 2004

olivier writes:

 > 	I've been getting a segfault for some days now, using the
 > debian-packaged erlang:
 > 	Today's package is: erlang-base    10.b.1a-2

 > 	Just wondering if this happens to someone else..

The version in 'unstable' today (10.b.1a-2) crashes for me too---it
doesn't even get as far as a shell prompt.

The version in 'testing' works fine (albeit on another machine).

The source I compiled myself also works fine. I normally use a
source-compiled version, so I didn't notice that the debian one had
gone south.

I don't know if the current debian maintainer reads this list, I've
CCed him, maybe he already knows it's a problem.


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