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Ingela Anderton ingela@REDACTED
Thu Dec 9 09:45:48 CET 2004

klacke@REDACTED wrote:
> Wow, is this a shitty attitude or what.  Here is this guy who finds 
> bugs in the http client and you first write:
Or maybe it is you that is bit touchy ;) Of course everyone makes
mistakes, and naturally anybody would be a little suspicions of a 
trouble report where the test program does not work!

I just want to say for the record that we are greatful for all trouble
reports, and I am sorry if I made anybody feel otherwise.

> > I fixed your code above as it did not compile. And this is the result I get
> > every time I try it with intes-4.0.1                    
> > ...
Well that is perfectly true! I cut the test program provided in the
mail and put it in the module to try and repeat the problem and it
would not compile! (You can try it yourself if you do not believe me.)
I know sometimes the truth is not what you want to hear ....

> indicating that there is indeed no problem found, although it was
> obvious from the error_report that the client was either
> wrong or overly mis-forgiving to some http server behaviors.
I did ask which version he was using? Saying the problem does not
seem to appear in the latest version that is 4.0.1! If the error
message had not been cut of originally I could have seen it was
the already known bug in inets-4.0 from the start. 

> Then blaguehubert@REDACTED sends an other error report and you write:
Yes as I asked him too, since the whole error message was not part of
the first report!

> > This is a known bug in inets-4.0 that appears when
> > the http response is chunk decoded. It has already been fixed and
> > patched for commercial customers and will be part of the next open
> > source release.
> Yuk ....
And what is yuk about that? I is a straight forward answer!
I actually was a little surprised that the patch had not made it
to the open source version yet, the patch must just have missed the
last open source release.


Ericsson AB - OTP team

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