[Fwd: http client hell]

Wed Dec 8 21:23:05 CET 2004

Wow, is this a shitty attitude or what.  Here is this guy who finds 
bugs in the http client and you first write:

> I fixed your code above as it did not compile. And this is the result I get
> every time I try it with intes-4.0.1                    
> ...

indicating that there is indeed no problem found, although it was
obvious from the error_report that the client was either
wrong or overly mis-forgiving to some http server behaviors.

Then blaguehubert@REDACTED sends an other error report and you write:

> This is a known bug in inets-4.0 that appears when
> the http response is chunk decoded. It has already been fixed and
> patched for commercial customers and will be part of the next open
> source release.

Yuk ....


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