Megaco stack

Guillermo Fernandez Castellanos <>
Fri Aug 27 04:49:37 CEST 2004


I will read the links and try to do it in both ways (strip and
tutorial). Will take some time to asimilate everything thoug :-)

I am ashamed to admit that the problem was a typing error I did
(several times in a row, and today as well...), instead of

Thanks a lot for all the answers!


Guillermo Fernandez Castellanos wrote:

> Hi,
> Accept my appologies if this message has been already sended to the list...
> I am starting to look at Erlang, as I need a Megaco stack for my job and 
> Erlang's one seems to be promising. The problem is, my boss ask me to 
> make it work in only a few Mb of disk space, and that's largelly under 
> the 80 Mb of my Linux installation... I am using the latest Erlang 
> distribution. Is that possible? Or is an impossible dream? What would 
> (rough estimation, of course) be the minimal disk space requirements?
> I would apreciate any hint, link or help in that direction.
> I had a look to the Erlan FAQ, and finded the following references:
> 5.5 How do I write an Erlang system that fits on a floppy?
> Unfortunatelly this distribution does not give a lot of details about 
> the libraries that it includes, and Megaco does not seem to be one of them.
> 8.9. Is Erlang small enough for embedded systems?
> """It is reasonably straightforward to fit Erlang itself into 2Mbyte of 
> persistant storage"""
> """ This can be automated by editing and adding +compressed 
> +no_debug_info to the erlang compiler options and then rebuilding all 
> the libraries."""
> unfortunatelly I did not find it that straightforward nor was able to 
> find the file...
> After a
> $ grep -r '\-include' * |  awk 'FS="\"" {print $2}' | sort | uniq -u
> et/include/et.hrl
> megaco/include/megaco_sdp.hrl
> megaco/src/text/megaco_text_tokens.hrl
> megaco_ber_bin_drv_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_ber_bin_drv_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> megaco_ber_bin_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_ber_bin_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> megaco_ber_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_ber_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> megaco_per_bin_drv_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_per_bin_drv_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> megaco_per_bin_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_per_bin_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> megaco_per_media_gateway_control_v1.hrl
> megaco_per_media_gateway_control_v2.hrl
> i found that the dependencies seemed to rely little on the OTP library. 
> I then thought about simply stripping (deleting...) the non used OTP 
> modules (applications) from the compiled Erlang distribution. But 
> something tells me it's not a good idea...
> Thanks,
> G

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