Problem executing a program

Guillermo Fernandez Castellanos <>
Thu Aug 26 04:43:24 CEST 2004


I have been trying to test very easy programs with Erlang.
I have made a standard installation of Erlang (configure
--prefix=/home/myhome; make; make install) after reading the README

When I try to execute this program:




start(Args) ->
     io:format("Hello world~nArgs=~p~n", [Args]),

$ ecc test.erl
works just well.

But when I add in %%**HERE** the line:
it just do not work anymore:
$ecc test.erl
./test.erl:6: can't find include lib "megaco/include/megaco.hrl"

Actually I obtain the same message while trying to compile

$ecc megaco_simple_mgc.erl
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:52: can't find include lib
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:53: can't find include lib
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:120: undefined macro 'megaco_ip_port_text'
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:134: record megaco_receive_handle undefined
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:283: undefined macro 'megaco_not_implemented'
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:312: undefined macro 'megaco_root_termination_id'
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:334: undefined macro 'megaco_not_implemented'
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:76: function do_start/1 undefined
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:39: function handle_trans_long_request/3 undefined
./megaco_simple_mgc.erl:39: function handle_trans_request/3 undefined

Where come this error from? I could not find any reference while googling...

Any link, hint would be most wellcome.



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