Erlang Workshop, last chance to register at discounted rate info (Ignore previous..)

Francesco Cesarini <>
Tue Aug 24 21:43:23 CEST 2004

Things fly away in cyberspace late in the evenings... A quick reminder 
that tomorrow (Wednesday August 25th) is the final date to register at 
the discounted rate for the Erlang workshop in Snowbird, Utah, on 
Wednesday September 22nd. The prices are

Students or ACM/Sigplan members, 60 USD instead of 100 USD
Non-members, 70 USD instead of 110 USD

Starting Thursday, they will rise by 40 USD.

To register, go to the ICFP site:
More information on the workshop is available here:

For those thinking of attending, some of us have set aside Tuesday for 
an informal meet up/sightseeing of the area. Feel free to contact me and 
I will keep you posted as our plans evolve.


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