where and what to install

Fredrik Thulin <>
Wed Aug 18 18:54:19 CEST 2004


Is there some kind of spoken or unspoken guidelines as to where to 
install files for your OTP application? I'm working on Yxa (a SIP 
server/stack) and we have just simplified installation by making the 
installation procedure generic (./configure && make && make install) 
using autoconf.

My question is, where should we install our application as default? 

I looked at Yaws, which installs it's files in /usr/local/lib/yaws/ebin, 
and ejabberd which installs it's files in /var/lib/ejabberd/ebin.

What should we install? The beam-files of course, but Yaws also seems to 
install it's .hrl files, and both Yaws and ejabberd installs their .app 



PS. I checked Yaws and eJabberd with 'make -n install', so I might have 
gotten some parts wrong about where they install stuff, and what...

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