Hello (Erlang) World!

Thomas.Herchenroeder <>
Wed Aug 18 09:45:01 CEST 2004

> I meant "upgrade" your Windows to a Unix variant (e.g. Linux).

I know what you mean. And when it comes to servers, I'm a true Unix (and
especially Linux) advocate. But you know, on my home notebook ... I dont
do anything serious with it, just playing around. And I'm regularly
amazed about the high-quality software other people are bringing to
this, well, plattform. Speaking of Erlang ...

> Oh it's in there and it works.  It just isn't an "official" addition
> as yet.

I can only hope it will soon make it to "official". The responses on
erlang-questions show some promise. Obviously some people were not aware
of it. I'm allways sort of uneasy when I'm confronted with a language
without decent support for structured modules/packages (One of the few
criticisms I have with Prolog). Unfortunately, it's an after-thought for
many language designers. Which is a shame, since I view it as essential
for well-structured applications, larger scale projects (many
developers) and - last but not least - a good public archive of modules
for the language. Actually, I think a main factor for the broader
success of a language is the extend to which it fosters a rich community
of people contributing public modules...

Make packages an issue for a "Tip of the day" posting (which I think is
a very valuable thing, btw).


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