node connections

Matthias Lang <>
Wed Apr 21 08:21:03 CEST 2004

Dustin Sallings writes:

 > Anyone got any tips on making node connections? I've got a couple of 
 > nodes, but I can't seem to get them talking to each other.
 > I'm not even completely sure how to address the other box. Here's what 
 > I've got:
 > ()1> node().
 > ''
 > ()1> node().
 > ''
 > ()2> net_adm:ping(rubik).
 > pang
 > ()3> 
 > net_adm:ping().
 > pang
 > ()4> 
 > net_adm:ping('').
 > pang
 > ()5> nodes().
 > []

Have you tried something simple first, like connecting two nodes on
the same machine?

window1:  erl -name  -setcookie blaha

window2:  erl -name  -setcookie blaha

window1:  net:ping('').

There are a number of possible problems, some of which could be
eliminated if I could guess what your command lines were, which Erlang
release(s) you're running and which OS your machines are running. But
my remote mind-reading powers aren't in such top form right now.


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