peer-to-peerlang (was RE: One Million Processes)

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Tue Oct 21 10:28:16 CEST 2003

From: "Thomas Lindgren"
> Peer-to-peer would be an interesting new field for
> Erlang as well, technically speaking. How about a
> language (-version) with lots of support for, um,
> whatever the p2p-people need when they write their
> algorithms?

Are language extensions really needed for this? IMHO library support will

> Much of that could likely be written in Erlang. My
> guess is that Erlang already has a lot of what one
> wants (e.g., distribution, transparency), but not
> quite (e.g., some measure of security/untrustedness,
> millions of nodes in distribution, ...).

The question is whether the standard distribution mechanism *should* be used in
such a setting at all. I also think the idea of automagically having the nodes
talk to each other is attractive, using normal socket connections resolves a lot
of problems. For instance, security can be handled in a library, not by hacking
the runtime.


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