soure->source Xformer

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Sat Oct 18 23:10:28 CEST 2003

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> On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> > > sys_pre_expand already *does* expand away records and list
> > > comprehensions (do "c(foo, ['E'])." and look at the "foo.E" file).
> >
> >   Sorry - I'd forgotten aabout the records - but the expansion of list
> > comprehensions is missing ...
> You're right; sorry - list comprehensions are dealt with in the
> 'v3_core' module. (And it is messy because it is expanding and
> translating at the same time. It is a much nicer approach to put every
> nontrivial transformation in a separate pass, even if it means that you
> traverse stuff more than once.)

Sorry for being very late in commenting again. :-)

There are two reasons that list comprehensions are dealt with in this pass:

1. The syntactic construct exists in erlang but not in Core and I don't really
want to add it to core as it is not needed there.

2. Core contains local functions but not Erlang. These make it easy to
expand lc:s as most of the real work is is handling the funs.


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