io:format works poorly with Red Hat 9

Peter Lund peter@REDACTED
Thu Oct 2 18:08:14 CEST 2003


I am experience problems when running the latest Erlang/OTP on the
latest Redhat.

When running in stand alone mode starting with:

   ../bin/run_erl -daemon /tmp/myApp ...

and then connecting with:

   ../bin/to_erl /tmp/myApp

I run a function that results in many io:format/2 printouts (between 50
and 500 lines are printed).

Sometimes it works ok, but sometimes the to_erl is disconnected from
the erlang node, in the middle of the printout, just as if I had
pressed ctrl-d. The longer the printout is the higher the probability
seems to be that it fails.

Chandru told me that he had seen the same problem before on an older
combination of Redhat and Erlang/OTP. So the below table is the failing
observations we have made.

Linux Kernel   Erlang/OTP
 2.4.20-8        R9C-0       (Redhat9)
 2.4.7-10        R8B-0

Does anyone know why this is happening? Redhat seems to me too important
for us to ignore...

Peter Lund

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