Erlang filesystem (a bit long) (was: Re: File versioning)

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Fri May 9 06:19:00 CEST 2003

Luke Gorrie <luke@REDACTED> writes:

> Of course, a real man would have no hesitation in doing it like this:

Sorry, bad joke.

Of course what I meant was:

  if [ $# -lt 2 ]; then
      echo "Usage: $0 <node> <expr>..."
      exit 1
  node=$1; shift
  emacs --batch \
        -L ${ERLANG_MODE_DIR} \
        -L ${DISTEL_DIR} \
        --eval "
    (require 'distel)
    (setq erl-nodeup-hook nil)  ; suppress 'nodeup' message
    (let ((pid (erl-eval-expression '${node} \"${expr}\")))
      (while (erl-local-pid-alive-p pid)

So you can just say:

  $ ./tellerl x@REDACTED "{code_path_size, length(code:get_path())}."

But then, "C-c C-d :" is marginally less keystrokes than "tellerl" ;-)


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