Problem with R9B-1 & W2K ??

Nigel Head nhead@REDACTED
Sat May 3 12:50:30 CEST 2003

[Novice warning ON]
I have problems with erlang R9B-1 (binary install) on my w2k system:

When starting 'erlang with toolbar' the toolbar just hangs. If I then start one of the toolbar apps (like "pman:start().") by hand in the shell then it recovers and all is fine until I stop pman again, at which time the whole toolbar vanishes with a flood of error messages. Starting without the toolbar seems to be fine, as far as this novice can tell.

R9B-0 (binary) does not show these problems.

I don't know enough about erlang and/or OTP to figure if this is a setup problem (this is my first contact to erlang, ever) so I plan to retreat to using R9B-0 for now, unless somebody tells me it has severe flaws; I looked at the change history for -1 but I'm not yet able to judge the significance of the changes. I'm also not in a position to figure whether the syptoms are significant of a fundamental problem or just a nuisance (I don't actually *need* the toolbar after all, but the point of my looking into erlang is to learn about the synchronisation and distribution of processing, which seems to intersect with these symptoms uncomfortably closely).

Is this a known problem, or something that bears further investigation (in which case I will install R9B-1 again if someone tells me what to do to gather useful information)?


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