multiprocessor SMP support?

Fri May 2 17:37:25 CEST 2003

Peter-Henry Mander writes:
 > Hi Gurus,
 > I wish to know if launching multiple Erlang nodes would take advantage 
 > of a SMP server class PC?

Well, communication between the two nodes _will_ be faster if they run
on the same SMP box.

 > Will Linux automatically assign each node to each available 
 > processor?

It depends on what other Linux processes the system is running.
If you want to be sure, run a recent kernel with "CPU affinity"
support. Then you can bind those nodes to different CPUs.
You'll need a 2.4.18 or newer redhat kernel, a 2.4.21 or newer
standard kernel, or a current 2.5 development kernel for this.
(Other vendors may have it too, I wouldn't know.)

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